THE Smart House

The Allenby Modular Container Units is offered as a fast effective way of providing either temporary or permanent building solutions. The Container Solutions are modeled on a modular stacking and building system. The modular building system is a versatile, cost effective system that can be used for virtually any application. These building units can be assembled in a fraction of the time it takes to build using conventional methods and the product can also be moved to alternate locations should the need arise. Each installation can be individually customized to meet the exact requirement of the client.



MultiStorey on a Platform   Offices or Dormitories

The units come in kit form allowing for easy transportation. They can either be delivered in a kit
form or as fully assembled units depending on the customer’s requirements. Allenby Housing is one of the few companies in the world that manufactures a 9m (30ft) modular house, measuring appoximately 22sqm.

The side walls of these modular houses are made of light insulation panels and offer pleasant climate in the interior due to their building and physical properties.

Standard Unit Dimensions
(ISO Standard 1161)
External length 20’ (6m), 30’ (9m) and 40’ (12m)
External width/inner width: 2.435m/2.235m
External height/inner height: 2.790m/2.500m


The modular building system is a versatile, cost effective system that can be used for:
• Residential Housing accommodation
• Offices and Classrooms
• Health Care Facilities (Clinics, etc)
• Dormitories
• Shops, telephone kiosks

  • FAQs

    Once the unit is assembled, can it be dismantled and reassembled? Yes

    What are my options should I want to expand my unit after having purchased it? Do I have to buy a larger unit or can additional panels be added to make it bigger?
    Yes, it can be expanded.

    What about the ventilation and temperature in the interior of the refurbished shipping container?  The unit is insulated.

    What about colour options? Do they all come in bland white or can you for an extra cost provide the unit in other colours? 
    The units are available in the following Standard colours: Whitte, Red. Blue, Yellow and Green

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